• As a leading property buyer PHB have bought over £20million in residential property in the last 12 months.
  • We have recently moved offices to a larger space just south of London in East Croydon on Cherry Orchard Road.
  • Our motivated and friendly team consists of sales consultants, in house valuers and case managers
  • We will visit you at your property anywhere in the UK to take you through any paperwork face to face.

Qwik House Buyers are straightforward property buyers. We have been operating in this sector for over ten years investing and developing property across the UK. Our founders family have been involved in property for over thirty years originating in Ireland.

Have you recently asked yourself how can i sell my house for 100 market value? Nowadays people have access to the internet and can search website after website that promises to offer them to sell their house for 100 market value. Likelihood is they simply can’t or they will word it in a way that confuses people. Who determines this market value? how is this market value calculated? these are the questions you need to ask these companies. It’s all well and good saying we will give you up to 100 market value but their market value could be considerably less than what you value your house at.

At Private House Buyers we are unable to offer up to 100 market value however, we do base our offer against an Estate Agent’s valuation. This is unlike any other online house buyer and put’s us in the best position to offer the best prices. We typically offer around the 80 to 85 market value mark and charge no fees. We have various options to get you a fast sale but since we pay cash we can complete within 7 days if needed. We also have another option where we look to achieve around 96 market value, however this is not a guaranteed offer.

If you would like to find out how much you would receive then please enter your postcode above with no obligation. If you would rather to speak with a friendly expert then please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0800 298 3140 for a quick house sale and we will do our best to sell your house for 100 market value or as close as we possibly can.