• As a leading property buyer PHB have bought over £20million in residential property in the last 12 months.
  • We have recently moved offices to a larger space just south of London in East Croydon on Cherry Orchard Road.
  • Our motivated and friendly team consists of sales consultants, in house valuers and case managers
  • We will visit you at your property anywhere in the UK to take you through any paperwork face to face.

Qwik House Buyers are straightforward property buyers. We have been operating in this sector for over ten years investing and developing property across the UK. Our founders family have been involved in property for over thirty years originating in Ireland.

There are many reasons that might prompt you to sell your house. Selling your home or house can, however, be a daunting task if you decide to do it on your own. Due to this, that there are house buyers who strive to make that process as simple and stress-free as possible. Those who have not used the services of the house buyers might be wondering how it usually works. Before further ado, it is prudent you learn who house buyers are.

First of all, house buyers are individuals or firms that have money to pay for your property. Despite the many benefits that you get, like being in a position to sell your house as fast of possible, you need to be extra cautious, as not all of them are reliable. You should know that there are some individuals who might sell your information to other third parties. Others might also charge you extra fee during the valuation process.

The best house buyers service is always tailored to offer you the fastest sale of your house that you can ever find. Below is a three-step procedure that you need to be aware of before you decide to use the home buyers’ services.


House Buyers Valuation

The first procedure that is undertaken once you have shown interest to sell your house is going through the valuation process. The valuation process is where you spend some time looking at the property. The best part of the valuation process is that you don’t really have to make a physical visit to the property. You can use the valuation software that is linked to the databases of fairly comparable sales. This will help in determining the real value of the property.

You do not have to pay for the valuation cost neither should the house buyers force or coerce you into accepting their offers. You might also be given free advice concerning your property. Therefore, whether you show interest and do not use the house buyers services, you still gain.

Formal offer

After the valuation is done, you will receive a formal offer stating the price of your house. This is usually within 24 hours. During this step, a formal call is made where questions that you might be having are answered. The timing of receipt of funds will also be discussed during the call. The offer is then expressed in writing. There are certain cases where an offer might not be made for your house. You will be provided with explanations why your house failed the valuation test. You will still not be required to pay any money.


The last stage in the house buying process involves searches done by the RIC survey and title checks. Some local searches might also be necessary. If in case during the above processes, you used your own solicitor, you will be paid by the house buyers, otherwise, you do not pay anything. The client is solely responsible for the amount of time the whole process takes. There are instances where the clients might prefer a faster exchange and then complete the process later on. There are also moments when the customer might decide to take some time to move out before completion is done. There is no problem as it is upon you to decide when to finalize the whole process.

You might be wondering why you need to use the house buyers’ services. Well, there are plenty of reasons why you need to use these services.

To begin with, they are fast and easy. They use their own funds to conduct the valuation and the surveys. They do not have to rely on third parties to get things moving. You will get the initial offer within 24 hours. The whole process of selling your house can take a maximum of 7 days. There is no other place you can get your house sold that fast.

Secondly, the house buyers are fair and reliable. They keep their promise of offering customer protection. They set their regulations and abide by them. To ensure that they offer exceptional house selling services, they have joined bodies like the National Association of Property Buyers. Others have also joined The Property Ombudsman. These bodies regulate their activities and ensure that they are compliant with the laid down rules. Your location and the condition of the room do not matter. Your house will be sold.

Moreover, there are no hidden costs that are associated with using these services. You don’t need to part with a few coins to know the quote for selling your house. Upon receiving your quote, you are not forced into accepting it. You are given time to go through it and make a final decision. The best part is that the house buyers pay any legal fees that might be needed.

The last reason why you ought to use these services is that they are trustworthy. They will inform you that they will buy your house and pay in cash. There are no chains involved in the selling of your house. You simply use the services and enjoy all these privileges.

You also need to have a glimpse of why customers trust us to buy their houses.

The major reason is our ability to offer guidance to them in a very efficient and quick manner. We offer them a hassle-free process during the sale of their houses. We present them with non-time consuming strategies.

In summary, finding the best firm to buy your house has never been easy as it is today. House buyers will offer you services that cannot be compared with any other type of service providers. Some of the processes that they go through before buying your house include valuation, formal offer and lastly exchange and completion. Apart from the process, some other reasons why you need to use the house buyers’ services is the fact that they are fast and efficient. In addition, they are fair and can be relied upon. They are very trustworthy and have no hidden cost. Do not forget the fact they will always pay any legal fees for you. You, therefore, have all you need to know to use their services.